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How do you work?
I work in a social documentary style, which basically means I take my images of real moments as they are happening during your day. I work mostly in the background documenting your story as it unfolds. I try not to constrain moments but rather go with your flow for a much more relaxed and natural feeling experience.

What about our Portraits?
The portraits of the Bride and Groom are just as important to me as the story of the day. I take the newly married couple to one side and dedicate my attention to capturing you both. Like with my documentary style I don’t like to control the moment between you both but I find couples need a little direction when having some portraits. I will position you both roughly how I would like you to stand and then I step back and allow you a minute between yourselves. Then once you are comfortable I begin to take some natural photos of you both in love.

How many photographs do we receive?
I aim to produce one hundred final images but in reality there will be many more. Basically I will include all the images I am happy with; after all I want you to get the most out of the work I love to produce.

How long do you work for?
I have two working times you can book me for; either a full or half day. I am flexible with my working day and I understand that weddings don’t always run on time so wont be clock watching.

How do we book you?
To make an official booking with me I will just need you to sign my contract and provide the £250 non-refundable booking fee. Its nice and simple and that’s all there is to it.

Do we need to feed you?
If im working all day I rarely get chance for a break so if you can provide a dinner its always greatly appreciated (Im not picky) but if this isn’t possible then no worries and I fully understand.

Do you produce wedding albums?
Yeah I do, once you have your images after the wedding you can always order a wedding album. Some clients like to produce their own, which is fine.

Can we choose the images for the album?
Yes of course you can, you can choose around 30 images for me to produce into the album. Alternatively if you wish I could custom create a wedding album with the images I feel would best tell your story.

Do we own the copyright to the photographs?
In short no, I retain the copyright but what you receive is a licence to use. This means you can print and share the photos but you cant can’t sell, modify or enter the photographs in competitions.

How big are the digital images?
They’re big. You can easily blow the images up to A1 size if you want. I also provide lower resolution images so you can easily upload them onto Facebook and share them with friends.


Have you still got a question I havent answered?
Then contact me and Ill be more than happy to help.