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A little about me..

Hey, Im Dan and Im a photographer.

I have been taking photos all my life and as a child I remember owning several cameras although I remember them being film cameras (but only without any film in, incase I ‘wasted the photos’). I then moved onto a Nintendo Gameboy and bought the special camera attachment for that – I was such a cool kid! Eventually I got my hands on a SLR and some black and white film, I then fell in love with the art of photography and remember watching the images magically appearing in the darkroom as I developed and printed my own photos.

I went on to study photography at A level and then this lead me onto my degree. At this level I found myself starting to develop my work from mindlessly taking images, covering many disciplines, to becoming focused on ideas. This natural progressed to sculpt my direction leading me to portraiture and documentary photography.

As a person I have always been drawn towards the creative side of life and was only so long before I discovered how producing images with a camera would fit me so well. I now take photography as part of my life and I’m always on the look out for my next image. When I’m not shooting commissioned work I like to document life and this is something that can also saturate my commercial work too. I find great inspiration from what I see around me, the every day and mundane when captured can be something much more.



Leica M 240

Summilux 35mm f/1.4 ASPH

Summilux 50mm f/1.4 ASPH



A few questions for Dan


What is you favourite thing to photograph?

I would say the moments in life.

If you had to pick one lens, what would you use?

Without hesitation, a 35mm prime lens. Its field of view is similar to the human eye and as such is a perfect lens for capturing a moment with all its drama. 

Do you prefer colour or black and white images?

It all depend on the image, some images only work in colour and some lend themselves very well to black and white tones. As long as they are produced right I like them both equally.

Which is your most favourite image you have ever taken?

I don’t have a favourite image of my own. You are only as good as your last photo, so I’m constantly searching for the next elusive’ best photo’.

If you were to be photographed, whom would you want taking your photo?

That’s a good question, I think it would have to be someone that can produce images that I cant, a photographer with their own image and view on life.

Do you get nervous about taking any photos?

Occasionally I can before starting a shoot but this is also mixed with excitement. When I start shooting though nerves tend to disappear and a sense of intuition takes over. 

If you could travel anywhere to take photographs, where would you go?

All depend on what inspires me at the time. I would say somewhere new where I haven’t been so I have a totally fresh perspective on the place.

Have you ever got anything wrong with taking a photo?

In short yes of course I have, I believe its how we deal with it that’s important. Mistakes are part of the fabric of life and I have found that I can become my most creative when working my way around a problem. An unexpected result often sets me down a path with a whole new perspective to view it from.

Do you think you were meant to be a photographer?

I have always been drawn towards the creative all my life. Photography fell into place accidentally as a supplement to my fine art. The ability to compose a piece of work between frame lines of a camera fits me nicely and excuse the pun but just seems to click with me.